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Brandspan offers enterprise-class SEO to boost organic traffic for your business.

A website is part of your marketing strategy. At Brandspan SEO Company in Kolkata, we plan and strategize SEO. Implement it to boost relevant organic traffic to your site. Higher position in Search result gives added exposure to your business, therefore, boost the number of visitors. It creates natural relevance with search term & enhances brand recognition. In a study conducted to understand the relation between SERP result and CTR (Click through rate) we have seen that,

  • More than 35% of searchers click through and visit the 1st search result.
  • Nearly 60% of all searcher visit sites appear in 1st-page’s result.
  • From the 11th position to 1st position organic traffic increases by 1400%. 11th search result has a click-through rate of 2.6% whereas 1st result has a click-through rate of 36.4%
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What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a procedure which helps search engines to properly understand the content of our website
and relate it to the user’s query. Relevant pages will be ranked higher and so positioned close to the top of the Search Engine Result Page(SERP). Positioning near the top increases the organic search traffic and improve the business volume. 
The ultimate objective of SEO is to improve the web-page for the human use. So SEO is all about search experience optimization.
So SEO serves three objectives.
  • Make the web-page easy to find, that is Improve the Rank.
  • Make it easy to understand.
  • Motivate visitors to take the desired action.
What is search engine Marketing?

The smart strategy for search engine optimization (SEO):

SEO makes you available with the relevant search. You get visitors who are looking for your kind of product or services. Brandspan is Kolkata based online marketing company. We offer traffic boosting SEO service in Kolkata for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups,
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Traders,
  • E-commerce websites
  • Manufacturing Industries

SEO helps search engines to understand your content better. It brings quality traffic to your website. SEO opens up an immense scope of business growth online. The first step of SEO is to understand what your target customers are seeking. What is their exact search query?

brandspan digital marketing service

SEO is simple & logical:

Your website represents the essence of your business. It reflects the popular identity of the enterprise. The commitment to the quality you offer. The value you offer to your customers makes you unique, create your USP. We present an authentic reflection of your business on the website.
How we do it?

Like everything, we start at the beginning and move step by step.  If we arrange tasks pointwise, it can be like the list below.

SEO task list | 236 most important SEO checklist | 236 actionable steps for SEO | 236 Guidelines for professional SEO | How to get more traffic to your website | Digital Marketing Guide | DIY SEO

1. An SEO Audit

Generally, this covers existing problems on the website, such as broken links, h-tag status, page link readability, omitted sitemap, the presence of I-frames, analytics integration status, robot text, image ALT attributes & keyword consistency. For page loading speed, use Google Page speed insight.

2. Basic search engine optimization checklist.

  • Check whether the website included in the search result. Write site: your website URL in the Google search box and explore.
  • Write, edit, correct and incorporate authentic, high quality, helpful and in-depth content.
  • Add in the local business entry.
  • Content must be easy to read in mobiles
  • https  improves SEO

3. Searcher’s Intent & Keyword research

We map Searchers intent in-depth to understand his actual requirement. Keywords are search words people use in the search query. Google AdWords keyword planner provides a list of basic words & phrases used in topic-specific searches. is another tool for keyword suggestions. Target customers have some query. It helps them make an informed decision. We add topical discussion, rational view and answers for clear understanding. At Brandspan we write for the human reader. Search engines are smart enough to understand the positive signal from the site visitor. 

4. Hummingbird

In 2013 Google launched Hummingbird search algorithm, which tries to understand search concept. It comprehends the meaning of words(keywords) & the intent of a complete sentence.

5. Use LSI keywords in Content 

LSI stands for Latent semantic indexing. LSI keywords are relevant to main topic keyword. They are not synonyms. Quality searchers use narrowed down phrases with more than three words. These searches have a higher conversion rate. A keyword like shipping agency can have LSI phrases like Air Cargo, Bill of lading, 20ft Containers & clearing & forwarding.

6. On page SEO

Improve focus, clarity & depth of topic covered in a web page. Creation of TF.IDF optimized content. On- page SEO is the first stage of SEO activity. Execute proper formatting of h1, h2 & h3 tags in content. Keyword presence in the title, description, ALT tag, anchor tag & h tag. Try to cover one central topic in a single page.

7. Write unique, mention worthy, lucid, SEO friendly content (by our media copywriters). 

Content marketing is the heart of SEO. You can educate, engage, interact and convert a visitor to a customer for that we have to tell an impressive story. You may meet your visitors at different stages of their customer’s journey. They have different awareness levels. Different types of queries. At Brandspan, SEO Company in Kolkata, we approach them one by one.

8. Google Panda Search Algorithm

Google Panda released in 2011 and implemented in 2013. It improves the rank of a website with high-quality reliable contents.

  • Favors in-depth quality content helpful to solve a specific problem.
  • Google Panda downgrades duplicate content copied from another website.
  • Panda sense user experience, downgrade websites blocked by visitors.
  • Downgrades inadequate content which is without depth and clarity. It is thin content.
  • Downgrades ad-filled content
  • Downgrades pages low quality content & with lots of affiliate link.

9. Add related keywords in the content.

Related LSI keywords help search engines to perceive and select the exact meaning option of the main keyword.

10. SEO content joins hands branded copywriting: SEO Company in Kolkata

Branded content writing skill add a vivid product or enterprise brand image. It also embeds the SEO goals along with it. If we find an ideal solution for our search query on a web page, we give it a quality reading time. We feel assured. Sometimes we even feel excited! Our browsing pattern changes. Search engine gets a signal of appropriation. A spontaneous copywriting, which is true to its intent, can only expect this ratification from readers.

11. Content Editing

In content-driven marketing, we must correct

  • Grammatical errors.
  • Spelling errors.

12. These contents are structured, illustrated, posted.

13. Illustrations & pictures are optimized search preference.

Perfect use of ALT tag & image file name is necessary for search optimization of images.

14. Web Search optimization of Anchor texts

15. Use Hyphens in place of Underscores to build an URL.

16. Making site mobile-friendly

Google Mobilegeddon update indicates to the search engine’s preference for mobile friendly website. It promotes the mobile web concept. Now in 2018, we have approximately 80% of searches are done from mobiles in India

17. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

18. Improve page speed.

19. Optimize title

20. Optimize Description for better CTR from SERP page.

21. Add sitemap

22. Creating off-page reference, i.e. quality link signals.

As it reflects trustworthiness, authority and the global and local popularity of the site, depending on where it is getting links from.

23. Google site validation, MS-validation

24. Apply Google Analytics to measure organic search traffic

25. SEO with Video content

26. Structured data addition on the web page

Structured data markup is JSON-LD snippets which provide clues to Google search about the content of the page.

We can test structured data with Google structured data test tool

27. Adding Open graph tags web pages

Open graph markup gives the webmaster the power to represent the web page as a rich social object.

We can check open graph in by inserting page URL in Facebook Sharing Debugger

28. Adding social media feeds

29. Adding Twitter cards

30. Creating local listing, 

Local listing increase business leads from local customers. It also improves credibility, better SERP rank. Customer’s reviews also verify your business in the local scenario. Listing Google Business, Bing & local directories are done for this. Brandspan SEO Company in Kolkata also offers easy local listing service for startups.

Optimize your Local listing by

  • Comprehensive information, most comprehensive information get a better position.
  • Add quality pictures of the listing.
  • Connect a G+ page with this listing.

The local listing format follows NAPW pattern

  • N = Name of Business
  • A = Address of Business
  • P = Phone number
  • W= Website

Keep citations uniform in all listing.

Moz Local listing SEO score checker helps to analyze and optimize Local Search result.

31. Get commandable SEO advantage with high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks are like signboards and hoarding in the cyber world. They root traffic to your site, give a quality signal to search engines. 

32. Post in social media with the webpage link. Post in Google+, Linkedin, Instagram & Facebook.

33. Use Yahoo Answers & Quora for creating quality backlinks.

34. Create powerpoint content in SlideShare

35. Guest posting in other blogs.

36. Use press release website to get quality backlinks from authoritative media sites.

37. Submission & listing in directories. 

38. SEO for an E-Commerce website

According to Morgan Stanley, India’s annual E-commerce business will touch $ 200 billion by 2026. Business owners and managers in Kolkata, Delhi & Mumbai can extend their business on the internet. SEO, advertising with Google AdWords & social media activity can help you to reach & capture niche segment with your business website. 

 39. Use YouTube for Website SEO

  • Use optimized video title written in a powerful line containing target keyword.
  • Add the benefit of the video in YouTube video description with target website URL
  • Add a message about the benefit of visiting your website at the end of the video.
  • Use a thumbnail that can arouse curiosity.

40. Improve SEO with YouTube Video

YouTube is the 2nd largest search result provider after Google. Quality video from YouTube naturally ranked high in Google Search result. YouTube video opens up several opportunities for users.

41. Create dependable resource material in YouTube

Google search treats quality relevant video as resource material and ranks it higher in the keyword search.

42. Optimize YouTube Video Title.

43. Add accurate Video Description.

44. Research and add Video Meta Tags.

45. Optimize Video with Annotation,

46. Add End Card in YouTube Video

47. Add related playlists.

48. Host Video in your website for better SEO

49. Or Post Video in YouTube for faster reach.

50. Share Video link in Twitter

51. Share Video Link in Facebook.

52. Publish with privacy setting for public viewing.

53. Pin useful comment that can explain Video content.
It will stay at top of all other comments.
54. Inspired by viewers comments? let them know, add a hearted comment.
55. Use Facebook to get more organic traffic.
How to get more likes on your Facebook Posts & page. (Implement point No. 56 to 60)
56. Post useful content with graphical presentation, how-to-do tips or DIY texts.
57. Use Facebook Native Video (directly uploaded in facebook post)
58. Add 60 to 120-second preview for a long video
59. Live stream events.
60. Use Video Ads.
61. Organize Facebook video Tab. Add videos in playlist & featured video.
62. Promote your facebook post and page link in Twitter, LinkedIn & G+
63. Maintain a regular posting cycle. Interact with others in the community.
64. Add Facebook page URL in visiting card, Email & letterhead.
65. Invite contacts, employees & friends to like your Facebook page.
66. Use Twitter to get more organic traffic
67. How to get more Twitter followers.

  • Post interesting Tweets
  • Post contents that people will like to share.
  • Add hashtags(#) to enhance searchability.
  • Add links for interested visitors.
  • Request Retweet.
  • Follow others, they will follow you.
  • Post your twitter handle in Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Request your Email contacts to join you on twitter. Add your Email contacts to Twitter.
  • Embed your twitter post feed in Website.
  • Add twitter “follow” button on the website.

68.  How to get more LinkedIn followers.

  • Post content your focus group are interested in.
  • Write on event, news or development relevant to your focus group.
  • Add infographics with useful content on your page post.
  • Maintain regular posting cycle.
  • Integrate LinkedIn follow button on the website.
  • Ask other social media contact to follow your LinkedIn page.
  • Try to post in Linkedin active hours. [ Read best effective time to post in social Media]
  • Create an impressive company profile.
  • Use the name of Company as the page name.
  • Post at least 15 times a month.

69. LinkedIn advertising | LinkedIn paid advertisement | How to advertise on LinkedIn?

70. Best effective time to post in Social Media.

• Facebook Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12 noon to 4 pm.
• Instagram Monday & Tuesday, 2 am, 8-9 am, 5 pm & Videos at 9 pm.
• Twitter Wednesday 12 noon, 3 pm, 5 pm & 6 pm.
• LinkedIn Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 7-8 am 12 pm noon & 5-6 pm.
• Google+ best response received on Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm.
• Pinterest peak time is Saturday at 9 pm. Active time band is 9 to 11 pm.

71. What is Search Engine Marketing or SEM?

SEM means paid advertisements in Search Engine result pages. Like

 • Pay per Click Ad (PPC) or Cost per Click(CPC)
 • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

72. Google Display Advertising

Display ads are published in targeted websites and apps. 4 formats are available.
• Text Ad
• Banner Ad
• Ad in Gmail
• Within Apps

73. Remarketing Advertisement

Someone visits your website, later when they are browsing on other websites they see your advertisement.

74. Online Branding

  • Plan and devise you Brand DNA
  • Design Marketing Communication around your Brand DNA.
  • Design & describe products as per Brand DNA
  • For the details of branding checklist, visit Strategic Branding Page
    [SEO guidelines on the web – Updated daily].

75. Digital promotion of Android Application & Games

  • Create error-free Android Application.
  • Create a visually impressive icon for your app.
  • Optimize with an attractive interface.
  • Use Facebook paid advertisement to offer the app for installation.
  • Post content about your app in social media.
  • Promote with user reviews.
  • Advertise online.
  • Release a free app with the option of a paid upgrade.

List of tools we can use for SEO & Digital Marketing

76. Website Grader:

To analyze performance quality, SEO issues, mobile friendliness & security aspects of a website.

77. Semrush:

Keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, content analysis, content quality check for SEO & content suggestion template.

78. Web Site auditor:

79. Soovle:

Autocomplete search suggestions from Google, YouTube, Bing, Wikipedia & Amazon.

80. Social Animal:

Content research tool to most shared & top performing content.



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Communication plays a major role in brand equity buildup & business growth. It is essential for business entities to create a strong web presence in the target marketplace. It can be local or national/international. Your web presence makes you more accessible, trusted & approachable business establishment.

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Brandspan office in Kolkata
Brandspan office in Kolkata

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