Scriptwriting service in Kolkata

Scriptwriting service / Screenwriting / Storyboard design

Offering Thrillers /Detective / Spy /Action adventure/Comedy screenplays for

  • Popular Commercial Movie/feature film in Bengali. (Film writing)
  • TV Serial / Web series.
  • Smart engrossing plot-line & sequel quality script.
  • Adrenaline boosting sequence for best possible viewer engagement by unique treatment.
  • Clean script structure available in AV / Hollywood or Drama format. 
  • Pinpoint directives on Place, Time, Prop, Extra, Background, Shot with every scene.
  • Spontaneous in-content-branding opportunity. 
  • Science fiction.
  • Period movie & historical plot lines.
  • Original content registered in SWA, CWA
  • Scriptwriter in Kolkata to collaborate in your screenplay.
  • International quality as per global standard.
  • This screenwriting service is available for producers in Kolkata, Mumbai & Hyderabad.
  • We provide Bengali, Hindi & English screenplays for your production.

Screenwriting for Documentary and Wildlife film

  • Standard format documentary movie screenplay
  • Written for the international audience.
  • As per time limit.
  • Research-based screenwriting

Screenwriter, scripter for a selected story

Conversion of a story to screenplay to storyboard.

Copywriting for Print, FM & TV ad

Full copywriting support for
Print Advertisement
TV ad spot storyboard
FM advertisement.
News writing for TV
For rates Contact
00-91-9830088088 ( India )

Screenwriting for web series

Ready researched lucid web series features divided in
 18  to 20 minutes of episodes with effective
  • Introduction
  • High-point
  • Hook

Available genres are

  • Action & Adventure
  • Animated
  • Biographical / Biopic
  • Detective thrillers
  • Comedy thrillers
  • Fantasy
  • Parody & Mockumentary
  • Romantic thrillers
  • Surreal
  • Sci-fi
  • Spy
  • Superhero
  • Historical
  • Martial Arts
  • Musical
  • Mythological
  • War

***All contents are original and unique and properly copyrighted. 

Producers and directors are requested to contact our
creative briefing desk.
Direct Line 00-91-9830088088 ( India )

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Scriptwriter for Bengali & English feature film
Scriptwriter for Bengali & English feature film